Hunting for Italian perfection

Di Luca began with one goal “Bring Naples to Amsterdam” making sure traditional simplicity and the quest for perfection were the main priority. All the ingredients have been carefully selected by Luca only choosing the very best in local producers from the region of Campania.

The ingredients are imported weekly to Amsterdam; Mozzarella from Caserta, San Marzano Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organically produced vegetables are carefully curated to the highest standard of Italian excellence.

Luca’s vision is to keep things simple, just like the Nona’s in Italy. The menu is simple and continually revised according to seasonally available ingredients always ensuring you get a slice of Naples on your plate.

Grab a seat at the long table to experience the delicious pleasures of Italy whilst catching up with your neighbors, or if you’re up for a quick bite just pick up a take-away and head on up to your studio.