Your new community

We don’t want you to just survive in your new surroundings, we aim to create a space for new life-long friends residents and co-workers alike.

The difference between a local vibe without any culture or inspiration?

That’s what our community is all about: bringing together individuals who are excited by the prospect of living abroad with those already doing so – creating connections along every step of their adventure as they explore new cultures.

A diverse group sharing stories over coffee while learning from eachothers experiences that will help Global Nomads immerse themselves better than ever before!

Spend your evenings at Di Luca our pizzeria downstairs, whether it be networking with other professionals or chilling out with friends enjoying some Neapolitan firewood pizzas.

We hope to broaden you horizons and take away any social anxiety that might’ve been holding you back from making those new connections all this time!


Luckily, you live right next door

NorthOrleans is well connected and close to all the action in Amsterdam, You’re there in 5 mintues if you catch the ferry on time 😉

Download the Pond app on the app store and you’ll never miss a ferry again!

Your new zone

The city:

Get in touch with nature:
Our Garden

Get your business flowing:
Financial district

Your new favourite spots

We’ve made everything a little easier for you, allow us to introduce you to our favoruite spots around the area, take a peak into your new neighbourhood.


Our contribution

NorthOrleans wants to be known for being at the forefront of technology and sustainability. So when when we decided to install solar panels on the roof of our building, it was a no-brainer.

The panels help the building to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, and also cut down on energy costs. In addition, the solar panels help to make the building more environmentally friendly.

So… are you up for your next adventure?
Allow us to take care of your accommodation.
So you can focus on what matters most.