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Vivian Castellanos

Head of Housekeeping

Vivian was born in Colombia. She lived in Madrid for 20 years and has 6 years of experience in hospitality. She hasa passion for travelling and circus sports. If you have any questions regarding the cleaning and servicing of your studio please feel free to contact Vivian.

Adriaan Melissant

Head of Maintenance and IT

Adriaan lived all of his live in Rotterdam. Has a technical and marketing background and is a competitive boxer. If something in your studio is broken please do contact Adriaan and he will take care of it.

Managing Director and


Luca Stradmann

Sales & Marketing
Exclusive Real Estate Broker

Luca was born in Amsterdam and was raised in Brazil, Bangkok & Amsterdam. Luca has 7 years of Hospitality, Sales & Marketing experience. His biggest passion lies within music production/DJing & travelling. If you have any questions regarding any availability, lease agreements, bookings & terminations of your studio, please feel free to contact Luca.