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Spijkerkade 33-156,

1021JS, Amsterdam

Sales Department:

020 – 244 1544


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Frequently asked questions

The apartment.

What’s included?

Just bring your tooth brush. Everything else is taken care of.

We’ve listed everything for you here as a downloadable PDF. 

Can I choose my favourite apartment?

We want everyone to live where they want to. So where possible, you’ll be able to choose your favourite spot.

How many people can stay in one apartment?

A maximum of 2 people. That includes you.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are not allowed.

Where do I leave my surfboard?

For those with a large posessions: we have a storage room on the ground floor. Here you can stall your suitcase, skies or double bass.

The contract.

What is the minimum rental period?

Minimum rental period is 1 year.

How do I pay the rent?

Together we will create an automatic payment from your bank account to arrive on the first day of the month.

What is included in the service fee?

Weekly cleaning of your apartment

Laundryservice of your towels, bath mats and bedlinnen.

Use of the garden

Cleaning of the communal area’s



Gas, water and electricity

Glass Insurance

Annual bike maintenance

Is there a security deposit?

The security deposit is 2 months’ rent

How to end my rental contract?

Your contact runs for 1 year. After this period, you can terminate it in writing, by giving us at least one month’s notice.

The building.

Do you have WiFi ?

There is internet in your apartment and you’ll be able to pick up free WIFI in the communal areas.

Is there a communal area?

Next to the entrance you will find an indoor area with free wifi and great coffee. If the sun comes out you can also take your coffee and enjoy it in our  lush garden.

Can I smoke inside?

No. Even if we wanted to, Dutch law, says you’re not allowed to smoke anywhere inside building. But don’t worry, the balconies and garden area’s are allowed and come fully equipped with great views too. If you do decide to flout this rule, we charge a deep-clean fee of €250.

What about drugs?

No drugs are allowed anywhere in or around the building property.

Where do I park my car?

You’ll find plenty of paid parking spots in front of the building and in the neighbourhood.

Paid parking is between the following hours: 9:00 – 19:00 at €1.30 per hour

Where do I leave my bike?

There is an indoor bicycle storage where you can stall your ultra light NorthOrleans bike.

Can I throw a party? 

With a BBQ pit in the garden you might want to invite some guests once in a while.  Let us know what your plans are and together we can discuss options.

The facilities we offer.


Eat in or take away, there are four delicious ways to whet your appetite, you can read more about them on our website,

Get fit – stay fit!

There’s an amazing gym a short walk away from North Orleans. So you can warm up before hitting the weights.

Who will do the laundry?

We will take care of your towels, bath mats and bedlinnen. For the rest you can use the wash-dry combination in your apartment or ask our friends of www.wasserettestomerijgroen.nl to take care of that. They have a free pick-up and delivery service. They also offer an ironing and repair service.

Appreciate art?

With an art subscription you will have a nice piece hanging on your wall. Choose your favorites from the large art collection, and you will have a different view every month.

Where can I do my groceries?

Within a minute you will reach the Jumbo food market. Here you will find all you need. They even serve breakfast (for only € 2,50.)

Do I need a bike insurance?

This is Amsterdam after all. We’re happy to help.

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